Posted on Nov 3, 2020

California Online Divorce Attorney

30-Day Deadline for Response to California Divorce Petition
You may file a response up to 30 days after the date of service. However, if you fail to file a response or request an extension by the specified deadline, the Petitioner may go to the county clerk and file Request to Enter Default and thereafter, a default judgment against you. Also know that a response is considered incomplete if it does not meet all applicable legal requirements of California law. If you believe you were not properly served or the court does not have personal jurisdiction to hear the divorce case, you can respond with a motion to quash.
Filing Your Response at Court
You must arrange to serve your spouse with a copy of your signed response forms before you file it with the court. Arrange for an adult to mail a copy of the response to your spouse at the address given in the heading of the petition. You cannot do this yourself. Ask the person mailing the document to complete a proof of service form stating the time and place of mailing. Make copies of the response and the proof of service. File the originals with the court and ask the court to file-stamp the copies. You will need to pay a filing free.
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