Posted on Sep 12, 2020

California Online Divorce Attorney

5 Reasons Your Divorce Judgment was Rejected (& What to Do About it)
A few days, weeks or months after you submit your judgment package of docs, you receive an envelope from the court! And, it’s not your Judgment — it’s a letter from the court “rejecting your judgment.”
Here are the top reasons why Judgments are rejected and have offered advice for what to do about it!
1. No Proof of Service: The Summons and Petition must be filed and served. A Proof of Service must also be completed and filed in your matter. Best option for most is to have the Petition and Summons served personally by someone age 18 or older and not related to the action.
2. Not Using an Optional Form: The forms may say optional but unless you’ve got a Stipulated Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement that’s absolutely PERFECT, you’re going to need to do these forms.
3. No Copies and Postage: You must file with 2 copies (1 plus the original), large self-addressed stamped envelopes and enough postage for each envelope. – One addressed to the Petitioner and one addressed to the Respondent.
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